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3-Gun Champion

3 Gun champion laser kitPractice pistol, rifle and shotgun with the new 3-Gun Champion package!

There has been no way for the 3-gun competitor to really practice his sport — i.e., pistol, rifle and shotgun — other than actually taking the time to go to the range, which can be expensive and not readily available.

The exclusive 3-Gun Champion practice shooting system brings the ability to train or practice the 3-Gun disciplines anywhere he wants, including home.

Laser practice shooting is a long-accepted method of shotgun practice, bringing the capability for repetitions on the mount and swing and fast and smooth target acquisition required for muscle memory to kick in. Reliable instincts can only be acquired through regular practice. Similarly, using the Pistolero 5-caliber laser training kit along with the .223 and .308 rifle inserts and with the 12 gauge shotgun capability gives the practicing 3-gun shooter more trigger time with any of his guns.

When the trigger is touched the laser fires. Using the ideals of the RIFT (Real Instinct Feedback Training) system, the shooter instantly knows where he shot, including if his timing is correct.

Excellence can only be achieved through practice. The 3-Gun Champion system gives the shooter the ability to add to his practice routine away from the range. For the trainer, the 3-Gun Champion provides the tools to train less-skilled individuals safely before they get to the range and live fire shooting.

Includes LaserShooters for Pistol and Shotgun, with inserts for 22, 40, 44, 45, 9mm/357, caliber pistols and 12 gauge shotgun, an extension for .308 and .223 for use with AR Rifles with flash suppressor barrels, 2 trigger switch wires for pistol and 1 long finger ring wire for shotgun and rifle, 3 spare batteries, complete instructions and 2 targets.

Price: $388

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