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World Tactical

world tatical kitThe World Tactical Practice & Training System is designed as a complete laser shooting system for the tactical shooter, featuring the RIFT (Real Instant Feedback Training) system of training.

Included are the complete 5-caliberPistolero PistoLaser set, .223 and .308rifle inserts, green and red 12 gauge LaserShooters to accommodate 2shotgun or rifle trainers and the Laser-Pro moving target projector to train shooters in the skills required to hit a moving target.  The shooter’s personal firearms are used in these training scenarios.

For practicing pistol or shotgun without using a live firearm, a Glock Blue Gun, which is great for quick draw training, and a Remington 870 Blue Gun, both with permanently installed lasers, are included  The red laser fires when the trigger is pulled.

World Tactical KitPractice and training are the major ingredients in attaining shooting excellence.   Range time is tough to find — practice at your facility or at home with the World Tactical System and achieve maximum proficiency with your own guns or with the blue guns. Laser practice required through regular practice. Similarly, using the Pistolero 5-caliber laser training kit along with the .223 and .308 rifle inserts and with the 12 gauge shotgun capability gives the practicing World Tactical shooter more trigger time with any of his guns. shooting is a long-accepted method of shotgun practice, bringing the capability for repetitions on the mount and swing and fast and smooth target acquisition required for the correct muscle memory to kick in. Reliable instincts can only be acq

Includes Pistolero PistoLaser System, Red and Green LaserShooters and LaserPro Shotgun System, .223 and .308 Caliber Inserts for Rifle, a Glock Blue Gun and a Remington 870 Blue Gun both with permanently inserted lasers.

The complete package in a durable blue poly case with instructions and targets. Remington 870 Blue Gun packaged separately.


Price: $1948

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