LASERPRO White Lightning Moving Target Projector

1.  Push the center On/Off switch to “Double” or “Single” to turn on the LaserPro and project either 1 or 2 moving laser beads.

2.  The left knob controls the speed and direction of the laser.  Move the left knob towards down position to increase the speed in either the left or right position.

3.  The center knob controls the window size. The 5 o’clock position is the maximum window size. Turning the window knob counterclockwise reduces the side-to-side throw distance (window).

4.  The right knob controls the cycle function, either continuous cycle or on voice command. Set at the 5 o’clock position (Quick Cycle), the normal position for practice use, the LaserPro will fast cycle continuously. Set at the 1 o’clock position (Voice), the LaserPro will fire the laser target(s) in response to your voice (when you shout “Pull”, for example).  However, since each person’s voice has a different frequency, you may have to move the knob anywhere between the 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions to test which position best responds to your voice.  Also, if the CENTER knob is set at 5 o’clock, the target will be released immediately upon your voice command; set in any other position, the target will be slightly delayed due to the way the cycle function operates.

5.  Charging the LaserPro: A fully charged LaserPro will give 20 hours of continuous use.  A full recharge takes about 8 hours. You can use the LaserPro with the charger plugged in in the event you have to use it when in a fully discharged condition. Charger unit is input 120v power; output is 9VDC, 0.65 amps into the LaserPro.