Pistolero PistoLaser

First Thing:
Remove magazine. Unload pistol. Unload cylinder (revolver). Remove all live ammo from the practice area.

Setting up the PistoLaser:

1.  Screw the appropriate caliber insert into the Nose Cone.  The five inserts are 45, 44, 40, 357/9mm, 22.

2.  Place the insert end into the muzzle of the gun.  The insert will enter the barrel without harming it since the construction is all aluminum with brass bead contact balls.  Set the PistoLaser firmly against the gun muzzle.

3.  Adjust the finger ring to fit your trigger finger and place it so you can comfortably touch your ring-mounted finger to the gun trigger.  Touching the ring to the trigger and squeezing will close  the  microswitch on the ring and fire the laser.

Sighting in the PistoLaser for your gun:
There are four 4-40 size adjustment screws; the screws use a .050” Allen wrench.

1.   To move the laser dot “up” on the target, loosen the bottom screw – 1/20th turn increments – and tighten the top screw in very small increments.

2.  To move the laser dot “left” on the target, loosen the right screw – 1/20th turn increments – and tighten the left screw in very small increments.

Do not overtighten the screws to the nose cone – hand tightening is fine.


Battery Installation:
When installing the three (3) LR-44 batteries into the PistoLaser, the smaller section of the batteries faces the Nose Cone; the larger section faces the PistoLaser insert.

Trigger Switch Operation
The Trigger Switch is attached to the finger ring which can be used by simply slipping your trigger finger into the finger ring or by attaching the finger ring directly to the trigger.

Trigger Switch Mounted on Finger Ring

Trigger Switch Mounted on Trigger