3-Gun Champion


Practice pistol, rifle and shotgun!


Practice pistol, rifle and shotgun with the 3-Gun Champion package!

There has been no way for the 3-gun competitor to really practice his sport — i.e., pistol, rifle and shotgun — other than actually taking the time to go to the range, which can be expensive and not readily available.

Laser practice shooting is a long-accepted method of shotgun practice, bringing the capability for repetitions on the mount and swing and fast and smooth target acquisition required for muscle memory to kick in. Reliable instincts can only be acquired through regular practice.

The Champion includes:

  • the Pistolero 5-caliber kit
  • .223 and .308 rifle inserts for use with AR Rifles with flash suppressor barrels
  • LaserShooter for 12 gauge shotgun
  • 2 trigger switch wires for pistol
  • 1 long finger ring wire for shotgun and rifle
  • 3 spare batteries
  • 2 targets

For moving target practice, add the LaserPro separately or purchase our Pistolero Motion Shooter (PMS2) package, which includes the 3-Gun Champion system and the LaserPro in a large Pro-Kit.