Bullseye BLAST


Target that responds to the Pistolero laser with sound and movement when you hit it dead center.

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Using the Bullseye BLAST with the PistoLaser gives you instant feedback each time you hit the target.


The Bullseye BLAST (BLAST stands for Bullseye Laser Actuated Shooting Target) reacts to the laser light from your PistoLaser. When you hit the target, you can see and hear the hit. The BLAST emits a loud ping that sounds like a bullet hitting a steel plate and one of the two targets quickly turns 90 degrees to ready the second target for your next shot. You can shoot fast and continuously for great pistol practice.

The Bullseye BLAST can be purchased separately or as a package with the Pistolero PistoLaser, which we call the PISTOLERO BLAST COMBO.

Add the Wobbler to the Bullseye BLAST for more interesting and unpredictable moving targets. When the BLAST is attached to the WOBBLER, the once stationery targets move back and forth with the oscillating Wobbler. More fun, more challenging!

Open Bullseye BLAST Instructions Here