LaserPro for Moving Target Practice

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Practice shooting at stationery targets is a basic requirement, but most of the targets that field shooters see are in motion.

The LASERPRO (WHITE LIGHTNING MOVING TARGET PROJECTOR) allows you to practice shooting your pistol at a moving target.

It gives the shooter the opportunity to shoot his or her OWN GUN at home in tactical or instinct situations at targets set for fast or slow speeds, duplicating many field conditions. Practicing ACCURATE, fast target acquisition is the key to success in life threatening or hunting situations when muscle memory is the sole provider of accurate and fast shooting.  Ammunition expenditure and trips to the range are eliminated while practice continues whenever the shooter is ready.

By selection, the LaserPro projects either one or two moving laser targets. With two lasers, the lead laser is the point of aim, the trailing laser is the target. With a Pistolero inserted in your gun you can see if you are firing behind, in front of, above or below the target. You can also see if you are keeping the gun moving after firing. You can adjust the speed, the direction, the window, and the angle of the moving lasers. You can also operate the laser lights with a voice command (“Pull”) or automatically in a continuous loop. The LaserPro has UlltraBrite 635 NM red lasers, which are at least twice as bright as the standard red laser popular in the industry.  A fully charged LaserPro will give you about 20 hours of continuous use.

The LaserPro sets up anywhere using the included 6″ tripod.  However, an optional 50″ TRIPOD (which telescopes from 15″ to 50″) is also available if you prefer a standalone unit without the need for a table.

The LaserPro can be purchased separately, but our Pistolero Motion Shooter (PMS) package gives you the Pistolero and the LaserPro together in one package.

The PMS1 includes:

  • Pistolero (with your choice of one to five calibers)
  • LaserPro Moving Target Projector

The PMS2 includes:

  • Pistolero with all 5 Calibers
  • LaserPro Moving Target Projector
  • 12 Gauge LaserShooter for Shotgun
  • .223  and 308 Inserts for Rifle

See the review of the PMS by Will Dabbs, MD in the June 16, 2015 issue of Personal Defense World. (Hone Your Shooting Skills Indoors with the Pistolero PistoLaser Motion Shooter:  The Pistolero PistoLaser Motion Shooter is a safe, indoor-training tool that teaches sight utilization on moving targets with what are essentially zero operating costs.)

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