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Parts for Pistolero PistoLaser:
  • Battery Strip of 10 Batteries (LR44)
  • Caliber Inserts for Pistol:  22, 9mm/357, 40, 44, 45
  • Nose Cone with Laser Module
Parts for LaserPro:
  • Wall Cube Charger (Included with LaserPro, but available if you need a replacement)
  • 50″ Tripod (Option)
Parts for Rifle Shooters:

The Pistolero PistoLaser can be used by Rifle Shooters simply by changing out the caliber insert (available in .223 and .308 calibers) and adding a Long Wire with either the Finger Ring or a Trigger Switch.  Therefore, options are:


  • .223 Caliber Insert
  • .308 Caliber Insert

Long Wires:

  • Finger Ring Long Wire
  • Trigger Switch Long Wire