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The Pistolero PistoLaser is a patented indoor laser practice system for pistol and revolver shooters with the sole purpose of improving your shooting skills through repetitive practice. You use your own guns, in your own home, and the system is easy to use and affordable, with no computers required.

The Pistolero PistoLaser consists of a laser that you put in your gun barrel (5 calibers are available depending on the gun you want to use) and a connecting wire with either a finger ring or a microswitch that attaches to the trigger. When you touch the ring or press the switch, the laser fires. You can see exactly where you’re hitting the target.

If you want feedback when you’re shooting, the Bullseye Blast provides it. The Blast provides a target which not only makes a sound when you hit it dead center; it also rotates 90 degrees, setting up a second target for immediate shooting.  Attach the Blast to our Wobbler, an oscillating device, and the Blast moves back and forth for a more challenging and interesting target.

The Pistolero Motion Shooter combines the Pistolero and a LaserPro which projects one or two moving laser lights across a wall so you can develop your skill at shooting moving targets.

If you shoot shotguns and rifles as well as pistols, there are packages that include laser inserts for them as well — the 3-Gun Champion for pistol, shotgun and rifle shooters, and the World Tactical system which includes the Pistolero, the LaserPro, the shotgun and rifle inserts, and a Glock 35 Blue Gun with laser inserted.

Robert Louis Co also manufactures the Ultimate Practice Shooting System for the shotgun shooter and the Shotgun Combo Gauge and BoreMaster measuring instruments for the shotgun shooter, gun fitter and gunsmith. Go to for complete information.

View the 3 videos below to see the Pistolero PistoLaser, the Bullseye Blast, and the Pistolero Motion Shooter in action.

  • Pistolero Pistolaser

  • For pistol/revolver shooters, the Pistolero PistoLaser includes 5 caliber inserts so you can practice with your 22, 357/9mm, 40, 44, or 45 pistols. More Information >>>
  • Price: $150 - $250
  • How many calibers do you want?Calibers
    Calibers Wanted:
  • Bullseye Blast

  • The Bullseye Blast is a pistol target that reacts to the laser light from your PistoLaser. When you hit the target, you can see and hear the hit! More Information >>>
  • Price: $199
  • Pistolero Motion Shooter

  • For moving target practice More Information >>>
  • Price: $475 -$575
  • Select Number of Calibers You Want
    Specify Calibers
  • Wobbler

  • Adding the BLAST or the LaserPro to the Wobbler, an oscillating device which moves your targets back and forth, gives you more challenging and interesting targets. More Information >>>
  • Price: $189
  • World Tactical

  • Use your own pistol, rifle or shotgun with the appropriate inserts or use the Glock and Remington 870 Blue Guns with pre-installed lasers to practice. More Information >>>
  • Price: $1948

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