Robert Louis Company sells affordable, easy-to-use tools that help shooters become more skilled in their sport.

Our Pistolero PistoLaser allows pistol and revolver users to practice shooting with their own gun in their own home. whether they are target, instinct, or tactical shooters.

Using your own gun, you can practice shooting continuously at stationery or moving targets. The constant repetition builds muscle memory, which is the key to becoming skilled in any sport.  No need to go to the range or spend money on ammo — therefore, “without the bang or the buck!”

The R.I.F.T (Real Instant Feedback Training) system of practice and training allows the shooter to shoot his pistol/revolver in full target, instinct and tactical modes without the use of special reactive target devices.  Practicing at home or anywhere, every time you pull the trigger, the red laser light indicates the exact point of impact of your shot.


The Pistolero PistoLaser can be used for 22, 9mm/357, 40, 44, and 45 caliber guns.Inserting the spuds into your pistol or revolver is simple and they will not harm the finest gun or muzzle.

Two Trigger Switch configurations are available:

  • Switch mounted on Finger Ring
  • Switch mounted on the Trigger
Trigger Switch Attached to Finger Ring
Trigger Switch Attached to Trigger
AND, you will never have to rack the slide, cock the hammer or “fire” the gun to use the Pistolero.  Simply insert the caliber spud into your muzzle, select the trigger wire and fire. 

Works equally well in automatics and revolvers.


Practice shooting at stationery targets is a basic requirement, but most of the targets that field shooters see are in motion.  In addition to the target that comes with the Pistolero PistoLaser,

Wall Target
Wall Target Shows How You’re Hitting

our LaserPro provides moving target practice.

The LaserPro can be purchased separately or in a package which includes the Pistolero PistoLaser.  The LaserPro and Pistolero package is called the Pistolero Motion Shooter.

Pistolero Motion Shooter

3-gun champion

If you shoot pistol, rifle and shotgun, you can practice all three with the 3-Gun Champion.  The 3-Gun Champion includes the Pistolero, the Red LaserShooter for a 12 gauge shotgun, and 223 and 308 rifle inserts.